East Coast Sub Shop


The "East Coast Sub Shop" is a Branson "hidden gem" when it comes to great food! A small shop that does one thing, and does it to perfection...prepare sandwiches! Try a cold or baked sub, or one of their grilled sandwiches, all served on homemade rolls or bread with chips and a pickle, the way a good sub is served. Whether it's their Jumbo BLT, Triple Decker Reuben, or any of their incredible sandwiches, you're sure to be full and happy. It's a small place, so it's a grab-and-go meal up to 5:30 pm; or if you're staying in the neighborhood, they'll deliver between 11 am and 2 pm. Take a break from the national chain sandwich meal and treat yourself to an "East Coast Sub" in Branson!



Sun-Sat: 11am to 5:30pm

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