Faithful Critter Sitters


We take the time to understand your pet’s needs, his/her quirks and habits, what daily routines they are accustomed to, how they sniff a certain tree every single time they pass it by, and how your kitty hides in the closet or will only drink her water from a running sink faucet. All the things that you provide in loving care for your pet on an every day basis, I will do my best to replicate while you’re gone, so your little Barky Schnauzer or Cat Ballou will feel as though you’ve never left them behind. Each visit also includes collection of mail and newspaper if needed, filling of bird feeders, watering of plants, trash taken out and inspection of home to assure all is well. We will alternate lights to show residence is occupied. This helps give the home a ‘lived in look’ as if you were home. We have found plumbing leaks, cats locked in closets, space heaters left on, etc. Not only are your pets taken care of, but you have the peace of mind knowing that someone is watching your home while you are away. Faithful Critter Sitters is the only member in the Branson area affiliated with some of the nation’s top pet sitting registries and services, all intended to provide you with professionalism and peace of mind. We are determined to be the very best in our field at what we do. Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross and experienced in administering insulin shots and giving medication. Trust your next out of town visit to Stone and Taney County’s most faithful and reliable pet sitting service…..Faithful Critter Sitters.


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