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Reviews of 50's at the Hop

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Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On 50's at the hop - 11/24/2010 21:12:03
marci from grand rapids mi
Saw the show last week & we loved it.Very different from the original, but the meal was wonderful & the show great!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On GREAT - 08/11/2010 13:37:52
BILL BURNS from branson, MO
Great show. Great dinner
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On 50's at the hop - 03/08/2010 19:17:16
cynthia from Lincoln,Ar
We went to see them about three years ago. They were really good.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Amazing Show - 03/03/2010 11:40:35
susie sallinger from fredericksburg, virginia
I had the best time at this show. I was dancing in my seat the whole time. I even bought a 50's skirt at their wonderful gift shop. We are going back this summer and I will go back.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Awesome - 10/26/2009 12:27:31
Sharon & Bill from san antonio, tx
Absolutely wonderful. They took Bill on stage and fussed over him and he was in absolute heaven - very, very nice show and would go back again and again for the entertainment. Thank you all so much for making Bill's vacation so wonderful.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On You gotta see this show! - 11/08/2008 23:17:48
Judy from Rogers, AR
My husband and I saw their show in their new awesome theater last April. I was a child of the 50s and 60s in my opinion they all really 'nailed it' on everything they sang and did. We got to meet some of the performers after the show. They were great and very talented and I totally loved their whole program!!!! We bought the cd from that night's show and have watched it over and over again. Love it!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Fantastic Show!!! - 09/30/2008 22:41:45
bob & Linda from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
We're going back to see it again! Saw it in Sept 2007 and we loved it so much we're going to see it again in Oct 2008. The music, the dancing, great costumes, enthusiasm, energy - it's all there. The entertainers are extremely talented and so likeable! The singing is very, very good - it's just a lot of fun!! GO SEE IT - it's more than worth the time and the price!!! It really lifts your spirits.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Loved this show - 08/22/2008 23:10:37
Sandy from Athens, Ga
We had the best time. Great entertainers ... so talented. Marvin's hair is to die for ! All the musicians were great. Dancers and singers had you wanting to get up and join in with them. Thanks for a fun show! We'll enjoy the DVD since we live so far away.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar Off Great Entertainment - 04/07/2008 16:24:05
Patti Everett from Reeds Spring, MO
I live here and I see talented performers all the time. These performers didn't disappoint as they were spectaclular. The costumes were really gorgeous, and choreography was well done.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Great Show - 11/05/2007 11:55:15
Terri from Harmony, IN
The show was great. The young performers were energetic and had great voices. A variety of songs that took you back to the 50's. Elvis tribute was great. We will be back for this one. Theatre had a very small, simple stage, but that didn't stop this group from putting on a tremondous show. I hear they are moving to a better theatre next year. Good for them.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar Off Good show - 10/11/2007 15:33:26
Debbie Peters from Atchison KS.
Show was good. Young people, know their job.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Show was Great - 07/31/2007 11:12:37
LG from Texas from lewisville,tx
This show was great!
I will try to see it everytime I visit Branson.
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Must See Show - 07/29/2007 13:01:33
Kailee from Billings, Missouri
I am only 11 but i loved the show i know some songs we all loved it
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Great Show - 06/25/2007 12:06:50
Matt from Tulsa, OK
I did not grow up during the 50's so I didn't know what to expect. To my suprise, the show was a hit w/ myself and the family. I would see the show again.
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